An essential stop on your career journey

Client Services

Ambassadors and partners in the recruitment process

  • Working with our clients to fully understand their vacancies, the candidate profile and how it fits within the company structure and culture

Screening the Candidate

  • Existing knowledge and experience of a candidate
  • Personal assessment of candidate‚Äôs by the Consultant
    1. Closely reading CV & Covering Letters
    2. Recommendation from known sources
    3. Judging their technical and language skills
    4. Matching where they live and Salary expectations
    5. Examining their working history
  • Interviewing the candidate by the Consultant for the specific client. Initially telephone and then face to face where practicable.
  • Where necessary and possible, references from previous employers

How we Recruit

  • Contingency Search
  • Advertising Search and Selection
  • Head hunting